JB Steel’s experienced team members are here to provide you with the manufacturing facility your company needs, with the utmost dedication and professionalism to go above and beyond OSHA and AISC requirements.

Sorting Facilities and Warehousing

JB Steel has over 15 years experience using a method called “panelizing,” which is one of the safest, fastest and most effective way to complete big box projects. We are well known to be the safest and fastest box erectors in the country, completing well over 100,000 square feet per week “Erected and Decked!”

Studios & Long Span Construction

JB Steel also has experience in long span construction, with the ability to create anything from stadiums to aircraft hangers.


JB Steel has extensive experience working with the commercial sector construction multi-story offices for a wide range of companies, providing high quality office spaces to fit each clients individual needs.

Crane Beam Installation

In addition we can install crane beams in both new and existing construction, aligned to meet your exact specifications. Using state-of-the-art equipment and qualified employees, we can handle any job.

Crane Rental & Heavy Lift Rigging

JB Steel offers a variety of crane rental options including:
  • 90 Ton Link Belt HTC-8690
  • 100 Ton Link Belt HTC-89100
  • 90 Ton Link Belt HTC-89110 truck cranes
  • 115 Liebherr Crawlers with Luffing Booms ranging from 46 feet to 310 feet available.

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  • Precast Erection

    JB Steel can set precast concrete panels which offer durable, flexible solutions for nearly any industrial building project.

    Stud Welding

    JB Steel also offers Stud Welding services to our clients for their convenience.

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